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Social Awareness



As a family business, we are naturally focused on the generations after us. On the future of our children and grandchildren and the world in which they grow up. The world that we - and naturally - want to be careful with. After all, we only have one! As a company, we are aware of this on a daily basis. Our social impact, from both a social and environmental point of view, must therefore be as positive as possible. For now, but especially for later. This social awareness is inter alia intertwined with our Code of Conduct, our membership of amfori BSCI and the fiberization of our textile. 

Code of Conduct

The core values of the Derbystar brand are reflected in the Code of Conduct. This code is based on international guidelines and describes Deventrade's policy as a client and partner of various suppliers. Deventrade strives to pursue its mission according to three pillars: responsible, ethical and with high ethical standards. We are committed to safe working conditions and fair working conditions and we closely monitor this. This means that we regularly visit and test our suppliers. Our suppliers are supported to comply with the Code of Conduct, in accordance with local laws and international standards.



amfori BSCI

The Deventrade Group is a member of amfori BSCI, the internationally leading professional organization for open and sustainable trade. This means that we have committed ourselves to important values of corporate social responsibility. Something that should of course be taken for granted, but which unfortunately is not always and everywhere in the world. That is why we would like to tell you more about it.

amfori believes in a world where all trade brings social, environmental and economic benefits to everyone. amfori calls this "Trade with Purpose". As a leading international professional organization for open and sustainable trade, amfori brings together more than 2000 retailers, importers, brands and national organizations. Together they have a higher turnover than one trillion euros.

amfori offers members a practical framework and qualitative tools with which they can manage the social and environmental performance of their supplier chain and anticipate possible trends.

The work of amfori helps organizations to improve human prosperity, to make responsible use of natural resources and to stimulate open trade worldwide. These are major global challenges that require joint effort. The members cannot solve this alone, but together we have a positive influence on a large scale.

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Fiber of our textile

The vast majority of our production concerns textiles. Material that consists of fibers, often from a combination of different types. The advantage of our textile is that it is suitable for reuse or fiberization. Not everything can be used directly for fiberization, for example due to printing, badges and other personalization.

Beautiful new products can be made from these fibers, including high-quality raw materials for the automotive and non-woven industries, among others. The ecological benefit is demonstrated with the Life Cycle Analysis tool (LCA). Among other things, the consumption of water, energy and chemicals is mapped out and the reduction in CO2 emissions is recorded.



Reecycled Collection

Reece Australia always continues to develop as a brand. From 2021 onwards, Reece Australia will offer the opportunity to sport sustainably in style with the first sustainable collection: Reecycled. This collection has been created in collaboration with Waste2Wear. The first Reecycled collection consists of polos and shirts made out of recycled PET bottles. A great development for hockey and racket sport players who want to be involved in sportswear in a conscious way. Read more about the Reecycled collection.