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For clubs



We would like to introduce you to the new Reece Australia Sponsorship Package! It offers your club a unique advantage: LARGE DISCOUNTS AND CASH!

On your own online Club Login your club can order Reece Australia team clothing at an extra competitive price. The club will then also receive a percentage of these orders, as a sponsorship, in cash! This sponsorship contribution is paid several times a year and can be spent at the clubs discretion towards many of the associated costs of running the club.

In the corresponding online Member Shop, your club members can also benefit from a discount on all Reece Australia club and training items. And that’s not all: a further percentage of these member’s orders will be given back to the club in cash. Even more cash for the club.

Download the flyer. Want to know more? Please contact us!


Why is this interesting for clubs?

  • Sponsorship in cash
  • Cash amount is free to spend at clubs discretion
  • Cash is deposited on the club's account several times a year
  • High discounts
  • Fast delivery from stock 
  • Personalized Club Login and Member Shop
  • Offers earning opportunities

Please contact us for further information! 
Via Tel. 01332 378966 or [email protected] we'd be glad to tell you more about the sponsorship options for your club!


Special Design

With Special Design you can create a shirt and shorts with a unique appearance, in cooperation with our in house design team. You get the high quality and perfect fit that we are recognised for, combined with a design that perfectly fits the character of your team. Even the socks can be produced in the clubs colours, with a knitted club logo.

For more information and conditions, please visit our Special Design page.