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Brand story



Our brand

Reece Australia designs and markets attractive clothing and accessories for active lifestyles. With dynamic and versatile collections we aim to motivate you to get the best out of yourself. Whether you play just for fun or on the highest level.

Reece Australia is the proud clothing partner of international sports federations, European top teams and individual players with unique qualities. Even up to Olympic level! Beautiful partnerships arise from the shared philosophy of passion for sports and always striving for the highest achievable goals.


Mission – What we stand for

To make you perform at your best.


Vision – What we aim for

To bring the best performance into active lifestyles.


Values – What we believe in

Passionate about sports
Sports and passion are inseparable. They form the heart and soul of Reece Australia. Sports and all the qualities it entails, like dedication, belief and pride. We believe in inner motivation as the key ingredient for success. We admire people who try to make a difference, who are willing to swim against the tide. In all the challenges that sports can bring, Reece Australia aims to be a supporting value. Our products support your activities and enable you to stand out and shine.

Focus on quality and design
Quality and design are the measuring sticks by which we make our decisions every day. Quality as an obvious requirement, design as a chance to make a difference. We sense a strong connection between the way you look and the way you feel. And feeling good is vital when you’re active, because it gives you energy instead of taking it. Our designs aim to contribute to this energetic and confident feeling.

Performance and presence
Performance and presence: those are the two core values at which Reece Australia points its arrows. Two concepts that reinforce one another and can give you an invincible feeling. In this way what you wear can help you to achieve significant wins in life. With a versatile and fashionable sports collection, Reece Australia focuses on teams and athletes who believe in this power of presentation.


Deventrade Group
Reece Australia is part of the Deventrade Group: a Dutch family owned business, founded in 1985. The company is specialized in sportswear and operating with the brands Reece Australia, Reece Individual, Stanno, hummel (Benelux) and Derbystar (Holland). Due to the presence in many sports speciality stores and the various sponsorships on the highest level, the Deventrade Group is closely involved in the sports world.

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Code of Conduct
The core values of the Deventrade Group are reflected in the Code of Conduct. This code describes the policy of Deventrade as a client and partner of several suppliers. With its mission and vision in mind, Deventrade focuses on three pillars: responsibility, integrity and high ethical standards. The company is committed to safe and fair working conditions and keeps monitoring those closely in the context of corporate social responsibility.