• Reecycled Collection

Reecycled Collection



The trusted quality and style of Reece Australia, but in an environmentally friendly way: that is the very first sustainable Reecycled collection from Reece Australia.

Reecycled consists of high-quality, cool sportswear with an important addition: these sports items are made from naturally collected and recycled plastic bottles. The Reecycled collection literally means less plastic in nature or the ocean and a more planet-friendly production process. This way we share our passion for sport with the next generations!


This is what you do want to know about Recycled

+ 70% less energy consumption

+ 86% less water consumption

+ 75% less CO2 emissions

+ Less plastic in the environment

All you don't want to know about plastic

- In 2020, 380 million tons of plastic were produced worldwide

- Every 10-12 years we see a doubling of this production

- To date, we recycle at most 13% of all that plastic

- By 2021 there will be 90 million tons of plastic in the ocean

- Plastic in nature and oceans is a danger to ecosystems

To score this season with a conscious mind, we have developed two shirts and two polo shirts made from recycled PET bottles in collaboration with Waste2Wear.


Next step in transparency

An extra special feature of the Reecycled collection is that each item of clothing has a label with a QR code attached. By scanning this code, you can immediately see where the bottles for your item come from and how many bottles have been used to produce your particular style.

By playing tennis or hockey in the Reece Australia Reecycled collection, you are one of the pioneers who contribute to a cleaner world. Sporting in sustainable items has never been easier!