• Pepijn Luijkx

Pepijn Luijkx


Center Force 160

Center Force 160

Pepijn Luijkx

SV Kampong Hockey (NL)

Hockeystick on the picture:
Center Force 160


Why and when did you decide to become a hockey player?
At the age of eight I switched from playing football, the reason was that all my friends then started playing hockey. After only one training session I was completely in love with the game.

Which qualities make you a good player?
My greatest quality is my speed and the so-called "give and go's", I love fast and offensive hockey.

What is your favorite exercise during your training?
This is an easy one: the training games!

What is your favorite hockey stick and why?
The Reece Pro 190 Skill, perfect mix between curvature and stiffness.

From which hockey player did you learn the most?
If you are on the pitch every week with top players such as Sander de Wijn, Robbert Kemperman, Bjorn Kellerman and Lars Balk, you will learn something new every training session. They have a lot of tricks that I can use in the competitions.

Do you have any rituals before an important game and if so, what are they?
Every morning before a game I go for a run in the Wilhelminapark in Utrecht, together with David Harte, just loosening the legs.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am really a sports fan, so in my spare time I like to watch a hockey / football / tennis match, and furthermore I enjoy watching series.

What is the most memorable moment in your career so far?
Both championships with Kampong were incredible, but the last one in the '17/'18 season was the best. In our own stadium… tt still gives me goosebumps when I think about that.

Do you have any ideas about your life after hockey?
I am currently studying law in Utrecht and have just completed an internship in sports law, which was a very educational and fun experience. This way I try to prepare myself for life after hockey.

Which hockey player do you admire and why is that?
I have played with and against so many top hockey players that it is difficult to choose one, but if I had to I’d go for Sander de Wijn. He exudes an air of tranquillity when he has the ball and can hardly be caught for a mistake.

What would be your best advice for young hockey players?
Do what you like, then the rest will come naturally. Practice a lot with friends and always keep looking at hockey as a very fun game!