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Blizzard 150 Hockey Stick

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The Blizzard 150 Hockey Stick is lightweight and made of 15% carbon, 75% fiberglass and 10% kevlar. This combination of materials makes the stick perfect for all-round use, and ideal for developing your basic skills. The stick combines power with a pleasant touch of the ball. The added fibreglass increases the durability and flexibility of the stick, while the kevlar provides even more shock absorbing capacity. The Regular Bow model (300 mm) offers optimal balance between control and power. The curve (22 mm) makes the stick ideal for all-round use.

Product specifications
Product Name Blizzard 150 Hockey Stick
SKU 889267-8004
Brand Reece Australia
Main Color Black
Material 15% Carbon, 75% Fiberglass, 10% Kevlar
Gender Ladies, Men
Blizzard 150 Hockey Stick