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Blizzard 400 Hockey Stick

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The Blizzard 400 Hockey Stick is a top quality lightweight senior hockey stick that is composed of 40% carbon, 50% fiberglass and 10% Kevlar. The stick offers plenty of power, combined with a pleasant ball feeling. The added fiberglass increases the durability and flexibility of the stick, while the kevlar provides even more shock absorbing capacity. The Mid Bow model (230 mm) offers optimal balance between control and easy hitting. The strong curve (24.7 mm) gives extra power and control, and ensures even more speed with your (drag) push.

Product specifications
Product Name Blizzard 400 Hockey Stick
SKU 889264-2345
Brand Reece Australia
Main Color White
Material 40% Carbon, 50% Fiberglass, 10% Kevlar
Blizzard 400 Hockey Stick