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Pro Supreme 190 Dutch Limited

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Are you a fanatic hockey player with great ambitions? Then this Reece Pro Supreme 190 Dutch Limited hockey stick is the right choice. Developed in the run-up to the Olympics, this stick is equipped with a color gradient in the Olympic colors on the side & in the logo on the stick. So it can't go wrong when you play with this stick! The stick consists of 90% carbon and 10% kevlar for maximum strength, ultimate ball feeling and high impact reduction. Equipped with a pro bow + (200 mm) for optimal ball control and accuracy and a strong curvature (24.7 mm) for power and control. This stick provides extra speed for your (drag) push. In short, an ideal stick for technical players.

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Product Name Pro Supreme 190 Dutch Limited
SKU 889253-6250
Brand Reece Australia
Main Color Red
Pro Supreme 190 Dutch Limited