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ASM Rev3rse Hockeystick JR

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With this mirrored stick, that you use left-handed, the convex and flat sides are reversed. Because the training stick is used differently to a normal stick, you improve your adaptability and technique, and your right handed ball handling will benefit. Training with the REV3RSE stick is not only fun, the variation it offers really makes you a better player. The younger you start with this, the better. The stick is lightweight and has an extra long grip and anti-vibration end cap. The stick is developed from the vision of the Athletic Skills Model.

Product specifications
Product Name ASM Rev3rse Hockeystick JR
SKU 889222-8200
Brand Reece Australia
Main Color Black
Material 80% fiberglas / 15% aramid / 5% carbon
Gender Boys, Girls
ASM Rev3rse Hockeystick JR