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Amaroo Socks

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With the Amaroo Socks and its colorful, unique designs, you'll own  the hockey field. The designs of the Amaroo socks are a design collab with Dutch top hockey players Marloes Keetels, Pepijn Luijx, Sian Keil, Jelle Galema, Josine Koning, Glenn Schuurman and Lars Balk! The stockings therefore have a unique print & personal story. The Amaroo Sock is a high-quality hockey sock made of elastane and polyamide. The sock has a perfect fit, with an anatomical foot and a comfortable terry sole and heel. The elastic hem keeps the sock in place. The sock is seamlessly stitched for optimal wearing comfort.

Product specifications
Product Name Amaroo Socks
SKU 840006-8633
Brand Reece Australia
Main Color Black
Material 97% polyamide, 3% elastane
Gender Boys, Girls, Ladies, Men
Amaroo Socks